OEM SunnySky X2820 KV1100 short Shaft brushless motor (reverse thread)


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Item:SUNNYSKY : KV1100 Motor

Logo brand: 3DXR
Material: Copper+Metal
Color: Black
KV value: KV800, KV920, KV1100
Number of slots: 12N14P
Interphase internal resistance: 41Milliohm, 28Milliohm, 19Milliohm
Motor size: Diameter 35x42mm
Axis Diameter: 5mm
Specification of Silicone Wire for Motor: 16AWG 100mm
Motor weight (including wire): 138g
Working rated voltage (Lipo): 3-5S
No-load current: 0.9A/10V, 1.1A/10V, 1.3A/10V
Maximum continuous power:  880W
Maximum continuous current:  60A/15S
Recommended use of electric regulation: 60A
Recommended propeller specifications:
APC11x5.5, APC11x7, APC11x8, APC12x6, APC9060, APC1050 For KV1100


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