Drone Solutions

Concept development

We can design and develop drones/ unmanned aerial vehicles from the scratch. it may be an existing Drone solution or an unique drone solution to your requirement. using powerful 3D modelling and analysing tools we can optimise the concept designs, 

-Entertainment Purpose Drones

3D models

inital design
final design


-Research Purpose Drones

Unmanned Ground and Aerial Vehicle (UGAV)

Brief Description about the project

When comes to a disaster event, time is critical factor to rescue victims. but when the disaster happens in remote area or difficult to reach area, most of the current rescue methods from air and ground tend to fail, simply due to inability to reach fast enough or less operating time. A novel combined ground and areal platform (UGAV) was developed with autonomous navigation capabilities. Aerial system was equipped with thrust vector mechanism system which increases speed of forward motion and reduce drag due to the less tilting angle of the platform. Aero body design has increased the lift force of the platform. Autonomous waypoint navigation is enabled along with vision-based obstacle avoidance system. vision system is equipped with stereo camera where the obstacle position is identified with it’s 2D coordinates as well as distance between object and robot.

-Tailor made customized drone solutions

For standard level requirements, we are capable of Modifying and configurating existing drone frames to perform optimally to your specific needs. for examples,

  • delivery drones
  • 3D mapping/aerial photography drones
  • inspection drones
  • long range UAV’s
  • multi payload UAV’s/Drones


Commercial purpose Drones

we provide full complete drone solution for  your commercial needs. 

fully tuned drone and remote controller, charger, battery, technical support, door to door shipping solutions and custom crate boxes for the drone kit. 

3D modelling

Heavy Lift Hybrid Drone


Drone Accessories

we can customize and provide accessories for drones. such as:- crate boxes, Payload attachments, Covers, external sensor and actuator packages, et…

Ready to fly Racing/Hobby grade drones

These type of drones are meant for recreational flying purposes, they are assembled and programmed using off the shelf components.  

Components we use

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